The HomeSafe Pre-Sale Inspection:
No More Last Minute Surprises

RealtorAs a real estate professional, you understand and appreciate the importance of a thorough and objective home inspection. Unfortunately, you also know the hassles of last-minute, pre-close inspections which, if unexpected problems are found, can slow the deal or kill it entirely.

Fortunately, there don't have to be any surprises with HomeSafe Inspection's Pre-Sale Inspection Program. By having a home inspected by HomeSafe before it goes on the market, the seller gains confidence and security by knowing in advance about the problems and the repairs, if any, that need to be made. The seller can then either make the repairs before a buyer comes along or disclose the problems to the buyer during negotiations.

Best of all, a HomeSafe infrared home inspection reveals more information about the house, uncovering hidden problems that cannot be detected in an "ordinary" inspection. And HomeSafe's inspection report highlights what's right with the house as well as what's wrong with it. It's the world's most advanced, accurate and objective home inspection - and it's only available through HomeSafe!

The HomeSafe Pre-Sale Inspection's Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced credibility for the seller and the realtor

  • Reduced risk of costly litigation after the sale

  • Less negotiation when known defects are factored into the sale price

  • No last-minute surprises that could kill or slow the deal

  • Reduced listing time and faster sales

  • More satisfied clients and more referrals in the future

HomeSafe Inspection has franchises and licensed users operating or soon to open in nearly 20 states. Click on the "Locate an Inspector" icon to find an inspector in your area.

Call HomeSafe's corporate office at (866) 327-7233.


Controlling Mold Growth

Mold is the invisible enemy, hiding in your home and polluting the air that your breathe.  Controlling mold growth begins with controlling moisutre in you house.


Energy Dept. Favors IR Inspections

A report by the U.S. Department of Energy recommends getting an infrared scan of a new house prior to purchase, particularly if you are concerned about energy loss issues.