Inspector with acoustic sensors"We had a 50 percent increase in business during last spring's swarm season alone while our competitors were losing business. HomeSafe has given us a winning edge over the competition." - James Wilson, Co-Owner, Wilson's Termite & Environmental, Brandon, MS

HomeSafe Pest Control offers a revolutionary new solution for detecting termites quickly and accurately: high-powered, state-of-the-art infrared and acoustic technologies and patented methodologies which enable pest control operators to, in effect, "see" and "hear" through a house's walls, floors and ceilings. *

HomeSafe's cutting-edge technologies and procedures were initially developed as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded project, Operation Full Stop, at the University of Mississippi's National Center for Physical Acoustics, one of the world's leading acoustical physics research laboratories. Developed by a team of researchers led by engineer and inventor Peng Lee, the technologies and methods were customized specifically for fast, accurate and non-destructive detection of termite infestations.

Close-up of IR camera screenHomeSafe now licenses these unique, advanced technologies and patented methodologies to pest control operators nationwide looking for a moneymaking, high-tech advantage over their competitors. Combined with traditional termite inspection and detection techniques, it's a better, faster, more objective way to uncover hidden termite activity before outward damage is evident - and it's available only to HomeSafe licensed users!


* NOTE: HomeSafe does not claim that infrared can literally see through walls. Under the right or properly controlled conditions, infrared allows a trained operator to make determinations about what is happening behind the wall based on the surface temperature of the wall and the differences in the building materials' thermal properties. 

HomeSafe's Patented Infrared/Acoustic Termite Detection Process:

Step 1 - Traditional Visual Inspection

Step 2 - Infrared Moisture Detection 

A fast, thorough infrared scan of each room uncovers extremely small but significant differences in temperature from one area of the room to another. If the infrared scan uncovers a suspicous "cold" area (behind a section of wall, for example) that may indicate hidden moisture, he then uses his moisture meter to confirm the moisture intrusion. If moisture is confirmed. the inspector tags the "suspicious" area for an acoustic probe.

Step 3 - Usage of Moisture Meter to Confirm Moisture

Step 4 - Acoustic Termite Detection

The inspector inserts the needle-like acoustic probe into the tagged area of the wall and listens through headphones for signature termite sounds. The probe's ultra-sensitive, miniaturized microphone detects termite noises that the human ear can't hear and the probe's amplifier boosts the signals to an audible level. The audio signals detected by HomeSafe's sensors are instantly fed into a Tablet PC outfitted with HomeSafe's specialized pattern recognition software. This software swiftly analyzes the signals and determines, on the spot, whether or not they are termite sounds.

Advantages of the HomeSafe Termite Detection Process

  • Quickly, accurately and objectively confirms termite infestations on the spot

  • Pinpoints termites' EXACT location for better treatment

  • Is significantly more effective than traditional termite detection techniques

  • Is non-invasive and non-destructive

  • Eliminates guesswork and minimizes risk of human error

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