Inspector with acoustic sensorTraditional methods of detecting termite infestations rely almost entirely on visual observation, a little guesswork and invasive, destructive techniques. Now that's all changed, thanks to HomeSafe.

Invented by Peng Lee, former research engineer at the National Center for Physical Acoustics, HomeSafe's patented handheld acoustic (listening) probes can literally HEAR termites at work behind walls, floors and ceilings. These needle-like probes are non-destructive and highly sensitive to termite sounds that can't be heard by the human ear. The probes are applied only to "suspicious" areas identified by HomeSafe's infrared scan and leave just tiny, virtually indiscernible pinholes in the insertion area. The acoustic signals are swiftly analyzed by specialized Pattern Recognition Software (patent pending) on HomeSafe's handheld PC.

If termites are there, HomeSafe can hear them. No drilling into walls. No ripping out floorboards. No guesswork. It's fast, efficient, non-destructive and objective. Simply put, it's the most advanced termite detection system in the world. And only HomeSafe has it.

About HomeSafe's Acoustic Probes

HomeSafe's patented handheld listening probes use the most sensitive and versatile structural-borne acoustic sensors specifically designed for termite detection. Sensors utilize sound amplification technology which minimizes electronic and ambient noise.

HomeSafe's acoustic inspection kit includes two handheld probes: the hypodermic needle probe and the spike probe.

NOTE: These acoustic probes are patent-protected and are available exclusively to HomeSafe franchisees, licensed users and their HomeSafe-trained and certified inspectors.

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 Acoustic sensors

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