Pattern recognitionMounted on a state-of-the-art tablet personal computer (also provided by HomeSafe), HomeSafe's revolutionary pattern recognition software (patent pending) processes incoming audio signals detected by HomeSafe's patented handheld acoustic probes. When these acoustic signals are fed into a tablet or handheld PC, our software scientifically and objectively analyzes the signals and distinguishes termite noises from non-termite sounds and ambient noise.

The process is quick and simple: The software swiftly compares the incoming audio signals to a large database of pre-recorded audio patterns made by termites and other insects. Matches are made in just a few seconds, and interpretation is easy: The computer's read-out either tells you that termites were detected or termites were not detected.

Fast, efficient and easy to use, HomeSafe's software reduces the risk of human error in the termite detection process.

The HomeSafe tablet PC is also mounted with advanced on-site reporting software, enabling inspectors to produce detailed inspection reports on the spot for their clients.

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Controlling Mold Growth

Mold is the invisible enemy, hiding in your home and polluting the air that your breathe.  Controlling mold growth begins with controlling moisutre in you house.


Energy Dept. Favors IR Inspections

A report by the U.S. Department of Energy recommends getting an infrared scan of a new house prior to purchase, particularly if you are concerned about energy loss issues.